The Story of Fifth

In 2013, united around a shared love of technology and business software, four co-founders joined their skills to tackle the hard technical problems companies and entrepreneurs faced and quickly became an indispensable element in their success. From our four co-founders’ commitment to each other and each and every new collaboration, Fifth was born. Since then, every new partner and every teammate is the fifth hidden element that makes us complete and is the key to our success. This mindset helped us grow as a software outsourcing provider to global partners big and small and form long-term relationships that turn clients into partners.

We are committed and persistent in solving even the most complex problems. We are the synergy of all our talents, skills, and experiences. We are builders and tech believers. We are Fifth.


Partner with a Tech Team from Armenia

Armenia is the next global tech hub. Its geographic positioning between east and west, wealth of technology experts, and entrepreneurial drive is making this small country a leader in innovation. And Fifth is proud to be at the forefront of this transformation.

Communication & Transparency

We have experience working with clients in the US, Europe, and East Asia, and can adjust to your schedule without missing a beat. We have regular individual English classes and make sure that our fluent English-speaking team ensures quick and real-time communication to move your project forward. We are transparent about processes, costs, and potential challenges, and proactively adapt to your needs.


Our Management Team

Fifth’s experienced management takes a bottom-up approach that nurtures autonomy and encourages every team member to set goals and have a stake in decision-making.


Aramayis Harutyunyan

Co-Founder & CEO

PH.D. optics


Vahe Manukyan

Co-Founder & CTO

Ph.D. Laser Physics


Hovhannes Poghosyan

Co-Founder & COO

M.S. Theorectical physics

Inside Fifth

Take a glimpse inside Fifth and meet the individuals who drive our success. We’re committed to fostering an open, equal, and transparent place of work that attracts self-confident people who help each other rise - personally and professionally.