Design & Development Services

Whether you’re building your first product to enter new markets or looking to augment your existing tech team with off-site expertise and support, Fifth’s design and full stack development services help companies meet their technology needs – for better businesses and lives.


Full Cycle Software Development

As a dedicated software development partner, Fifth supports your project throughout the entire product lifecycle from idea to delivery. We allocate dedicated teams that function just like an in-house team with no geographic or language barriers. Our proven project management approach and agile development practices ensure that we can plan, design, develop, test, and deploy without a hitch using a select stack of technologies.

PHP - Laravel / Java/Kotlin - Spring / C# - ASP.NET / Python - Django, Flask, FastAPI / Node.js - Express.js, Nest.js / Angular / React

Mobile App Development

Fifth’s UI/UX design and native and hybrid mobile app development expertise ensures that we build feature-rich and user-friendly mobile apps that meet your business needs and delight your users. With our iOS and Android development services you can get apps that work seamlessly across multiple platforms.

iOS - Swift / Android - Java, Kotlin / React Native / Ionic / Flutter

MVP Development

From UI/UX design to development and QA, we build your minimum viable product so you can focus on building your company. Fifth has been a startup partner for companies that have gone from just an idea to rapid business growth. We are flexible in our pricing approach and have successfully partnered with scale-ups both on a time and material basis and as shareholders, accepting shares covering the cost of development. Get in touch with our management team to learn more.


AI & Machine Learning

Transform customer experiences, improve business processes, and make sense of big data with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Fifth can build your AI-based automation platforms, saving you and your customers time and effort in accomplishing any task. We help you integrate AI in your current infrastructure and use data to drive business results.


Web3 / Blockchain

Web development for the new web – develop decentralized applications (dApps) that run on a blockchain or interact with it. We can help with designing, architecting, and securing your blockchain applications and systems. With scalable platform development, we build blockchain apps that are scalable, immutable, trusted, secure, and compatible.


Chronicle SOAR & SIEM

Fifth is an official Google Partner and through our long term partnership with Chronicle SOAR we have the experience and expertise to offer custom platform training and help you with onboarding, integrations development, and advanced playbook builds. In addition to setting up threat monitoring and alerts with Chronicle SIEM for a complete cloud security package.


Scale with us

Since 2013, Fifth has provided technology consulting and software development services to entrepreneurs, startups, and SMEs worldwide.

Contact us to see how Fifth can help you come in first.